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DJ Collins - I met Joseph outside our vet office and just hearing him talk about his passion in training dogs I knew right away I had to have him train my pit bull Bella.

He took her for 2-week board and train program and kept me updated with pictures and videos the entire process along with a phone call. She came back fully trained in several commands that I can use around the house as well as outside when I go places. I am extremely happy and plan on working with Joseph in the future when I get another puppy.

Rod B. - We sent our 18 month old Bully Sarge for the two week board training. Every issue we had with our Bully was addressed. Door manners in and out the house, well mannered around company (no jumping when greeting), along with the basic obedient commands. You couldn't ask for a better trainer for your pet.

Lauren NoelEven though we did our research before getting our Australian Cattle Dog (blue heeler), Willie, we still had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. When we started training at 5 months, Willie was a typical ACD....high energy, high drive, herding anything she could and trying her hardest to be the alpha. Joseph was amazing not only with teaching Willie obedience and manners, and breaking bad habits, but also when it came to teaching us how to teach her.

He understood that not all dogs are the same and taught us the best ways to work with Willie to get the best results. Thanks to Joseph, the puppy we referred to as demon is now a well mannered member of our family who sits and waits before barging through any doors, runs with me off leash and comes when called no matter what distracting situation we put her in. We can truly take her with us everywhere we go since we know she'll behave, and none of it would have been possible without Joseph!!!

Jose Quesada - Very professional training, had my dog Niko doing basic drills in a matter of minutes.

Looking forward to having Joseph come back and doing
some advance training with my dog...A+

Zach Strief - New Orleans Saints

Satish Arora - Joseph worked with my male GSD pup from the time he was about 5 months old until he was about 8 months old (about six months ago). We did both a few private lessons and a board and train with a follow up session. I can say truthfully that I've been incredibly impressed with the results, as well as with Joseph's professionalism, caring approach, patience, and attention to detail.

He was patient both with Gunnar and with me in terms of teaching and correcting technique. He has always been willing to go above and beyond, consistently delivering more than he promised.

To be clear, most German Shepherds are intense, but this pup is particularly so. While that means that he has been challenging at times, it also means that he has an incredible amount of potential, and Joseph has really unlocked that potential.

As I continue to utilize the techniques that Joseph taught us, I see Gunnar becoming such an amazing dog, and that has been incredibly rewarding. Joseph continues to always be available to answer questions or give advice even months after having done initial training.

I have every intention of working with him more in the future and look forward to imparting new skills to my pup.

Zach Strief
- New Orleans Saints

If you’re like me, you dog is a part of your family. You love them, and worry about them as though they are people.

You want the best for them, want to teach them right from wrong and you want to be around them (most of the time).

When we bought an 8 week old Great Dane puppy we sort of knew what we were in for. She would be big, she would be goofy and she would think she was a lap dog. What we didn’t know was that at 4 months old she would be capable of pulling harder than my wife could stop. We didn’t know she would be stubborn and not walk on a leash (tough when you live in a city). I was recommended to Joseph by a friend and I called him and had him come to meet Riley. I could tell immediately I could trust him with my family. He seemed far more interested in playing with her than he did talking to me. She loved him immediately. Some people have that ability. We did a board and train with Joseph for 3 weeks. When we got back we found a dog that was just as lovable and goofy, but suddenly that would walk next to me on the sidewalk. She listens when we call her, she sits when asked, she will lay on her bed while we eat. The result of all of this? Our family member gets to be with us more.

We can bring her to a park and take her off her leash and let her play and she will return when called. She will lay next to us when it isn’t appropriate for her to be in everyones business and still be her goofy self when it is. We have always loved our dog, but we love her more because of what Joseph has been able to do. If you have to leave your family with someone, who is the most ideal? Other family. That’s what Joseph is, like leaving her with family. I couldn’t recommend him more.



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