Frequently Asked Questions

  • All trainers and training programs are not created equal. Over the years we have tried many different training approaches and training environments. By doing this we have been able to weed out the things that did not heed optimal results.

    Almost all training programs are centered around only teaching a dog rehearsed behaviors, Sit, down, stay, etc. Our programs are centered around changing a dog’s state of mind. We produce calm, confident and obedient dogs. We also focus on giving the dog’s owner the knowledge and tools to succeed.  We teach the dog how to behave and we teach you how to lead. The foundation of our program is relationship. We are not just training your dog we are entering into a relationship with you. We stay honest and vulnerable. Ask a question and you will get an answer. We want, more than anything, to see you and your dog succeed. We want you and your dog, not just coexist together, but have a healthy relationship. We are committed to helping you get there.

  • Every dog is housed indoors. They are heated and cooled, around the clock. Your pup is let outside every couple of hours, when not training, into a private 5×10, covered exercise run, to go to the bathroom and run around. The dogs are continually monitored and are not left alone for long periods of time. If you give your okay at check-in, we provide your pup with lots of comfortable bedding. All runs and kennels  are cleaned daily, to meet hospital standards.

    Your pup will be trained on a rotation schedule from 9 am to 4:30 pm.  After breakfast and let outs, the dogs begin training. They are rotated between 5 trainers throughout the day, averaging 5-7 sessions per day. A good bit of the training is done outside of the training center. In reality, everything we do here with your pup is training. Every doorway is an opportunity to work on door manners. Every time they go in and out of their kennel is an opportunity to work on kennel manners. Even just being calm in their kennel, or on place while the other dogs are moving around them is training. We are engaging and interacting with the dog, the entire time they are here.

  • There are so many variables involved to create a well balanced, calm, obedient dog that it would be unethical for us to offer a 100% training guarantee. However, we do offer unlimited, free follow up sessions. We also go to great lengths to pre-screen our clients to assure that we are a good fit for each other.

    We believe that communication and follow up are the key to success with your dog. After the dog has it’s go home appointment the training is not finished, in fact the next phase is just beginning. Because we understand this, we keep an open line of communication with our clients well after the dog goes home. We are never more than a phone call or email away.

  • We have an amazing staff here at Professional K9 Solutions. Each staff member has been handpicked and trained by Terry. No matter the position held, everyone is trained to handle the dogs.

    In addition to Terry and Olivia, we have 5 full time trainers on staff. Terry hand picked, and trained each trainer and staff member.   Each day the dogs are divided evenly between the trainers. Each trainer works with every dog every day. The more people that can handle your dog, the better your dog becomes. Keeping the dogs on a consistent rotation has proven to be the best way to get lasting results.

  • A large part of the training philosophy is immersion. It is important that we can control every aspect of your pup’s life while they are with us.

    If you think about it, relative to your pup’s life before coming to us, 1-3 weeks in not much time to accomplish so much. It is important that we keep your dog calm and focused. If they get visits from you it will send them into an excited state and possibly set us back. To overcome this, we make sure that we post training pics and videos throughout the training. Also, our phones are always open for a call to check on them. With that being said, we can’t and won’t keep you from your dog.

    After saying that, let me also say, we will never deny anyone access to their dog.

    If you have cause for concern, or just want to see your pup, please let us know and we will set up a visit for you.

  • YES!!! 98% of the training is reward based. If you use nothing but correction and discipline the dogs will work only out of fear of correction. Always in fear is no way for anyone or anything to live.

    We want the dogs to be excited and willing to work for us. Please let us know if any dietary restrictions. We don’t want sick doggies.

  • Prong collars are a very good training tool and if used properly do not harm the dog. If you have ever walked a hard puller on a leash you know how hard it is to correct.

    The amount of force you have to use on their necks will usually send them into a coughing/choking fit. The prong collars allow us to use very minimal pressure to correct the dog. Each dog is introduced to the collars very slowly and gently the entire first day. The collars are much gentler than a slip lead or flat collar.

    Very quickly the dogs associate the collars with doing fun things, so we always get a wagging tail when we put them on.

    Are prong collars right for every dog? Absolutely not! If we find that the prong collar is to much for your dog, we won’t use it. Not all tools are for all dogs.