Professional K9 Solutions

Obedience Board & Train



One of our most popular training programs!

Why? Our board and train is highly successful because we do the training – all you have to do is maintain it!

In this program we build a relationship based on trust and communication with your dog through proper training. During their time with us, we teach your dog the commands to be obedient at home and out in public areas around distractions. We strive for a level of obedience that allows you to take your dog anywhere.

  • Private consultation
  • Basic & advanced obedience commands
  • Obedience around distractions
  • A reliable recall (come when called)
  • Socialization and confidence building
  • Off leash e-collar training (optional)
  • Multiple daily training sessions around distractions
  • Photo updates to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube
  • 2-hour go-home lesson
  • 60 minute follow up lesson at 2 weeks and 3 months




We did a board and train with Joseph for 3 weeks. When we got back, we found a dog that was just as lovable and goofy, but suddenly that would walk next to me on the sidewalk. She listens when we call her, she sits when asked, she will lay on her bed while we eat. The result of all of this? Our family member gets to be with us more.

We can bring her to a park and take her off her leash and let her play and she will return when called. She will lay next to us when it isn’t appropriate for her to be in everyones business and still be her goofy self when it is. We have always loved our dog, but we love her more because of what Joseph has been able to do. If you have to leave your family with someone, who is the most ideal? Other family. That’s what Joseph is, like leaving her with family. I couldn’t recommend him more.

– Zach Strief (New Orleans Saints)

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