Professional K-9 Programs:

Throughout the training process, we keep you posted on your dog’s progress with pictures, and videos.

After the program has completed, training does not stop. Your dog has been transformed from hyper disobedient behavior to a happy, calm and obedient dog.

We don’t stop there; we follow up with you 2 weeks after you take your dog home as well as 3 months later to continue to monitor progress and aid in assisting the lifelong happiness of your obedient dog’s behavior in your happy family.

Our Programs


    Puppy (ages 3 to 5 months old)

    It is up to us, as owners, to teach puppies the right, or wanted behaviors. If we don’t, the puppy will do “normal” puppy behaviors, and grow up to be a rowdy, out of control, adult dog.



    Takes your pup to the next level!

    This program is perfect for dogs that do not have serious behavior or aggression issues, which would require longer stays. We start off immediately by stopping unwanted behaviors.



    Learn the “House Dog” skills!

    More time with us means more repetitions. More repetitions means better retention. This means your pup will be solid around distractions, not just in a controlled environment.



    Our Most Inclusive Program!

    This program can make that dream a reality. In addition to laying the foundation and doing the repetitions to give you a good pup, this program tests your pups skills in the real world.


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