The puppy stage, birth to five months old, is an extremely important stage of learning. A large part of this time is referred to as the imprinting stage. Basically meaning, since the puppy doesn’t know any behaviors, it’s much easier to teach them.

It is up to us, as owners, to teach puppies the right, or wanted behaviors. If we don’t, the puppy will do “normal” puppy behaviors, and grow up to be a rowdy, out of control, adult dog.


What Will Your Puppy Receive From The Puppy Training?

⦁ No Jumping or Biting: Learning how to be calm around people and dogs.
⦁ Kennel Training: No whining or barking in the kennel, entering on command
⦁ Leash Skills: Learning communication through the leash.
⦁ Intro to commands: Sit, Down, Coming when Called, Place
⦁ Threshold Manners: No rushing out of doors or kennel
⦁ Increased Focus: Using mealtime for training and owner connection
⦁ Socialization: Proper exposure to other dogs and people
⦁ Confidence Building: The most important of all skills!

4 Day Drop Off Program $585.00 (Drop off and pick up daily)
4 Day Board and Train $675.00 (Your puppy stays with us for 3 nights)

This program qualifies you for boarding at our facility. We only board dogs that we train. While boarding, your pup won’t spend the day in the kennel. They are included in our daily walks, training rotations, and socials.

This program also qualifies you for our daily play and train program. A structured daycare program where your pup works on skills and has ample play and social time!

    We have years of expertise in all aspects of basic and advanced obedience, behavior rehabilitation, competition sports training, and Police K9 training for dogs of all ages and breeds.

    Our pet training solutions build happy families through appropriate dog obedience training.